Leica Camera shares a passion for and a love of creative photography of the highest standards with many people around the world – that’s why making such works and their creators accessible to people with this passion has always been important to Leica. For decades now, and for this precise reason, Leica has offered both prominent Leica photographers and emerging new talents an opportunity to present their work to a wider audience. The Leica galleries were conceived as the ideal forum for this purpose.

Challenge the limits

Unveiling a brand new campaign #ChallengetheLimits, where 6 of our photographers with their own unique styles, challenge their limits embracing each other's styles. Will they outdo themselves when they step out of their comfort zone?

Our 6 photographers:
Cheong Yew Mun (@munsterphotography) | Leslie Heng (@blackmobil)
Hosanna Swee (@hforhozzie) | Aik Beng Chia (@aikbengchia) Adele Chan (@adele__chan)| Jeryl Tan (@smilewithjeryl)


16.07.21 - 15.08.21 | Munster Cheong & Leslie Heng

Introducing our first pair of photographers - Munster & Leslie. 

Munster is known for his edgy and detailed fashion photography, while Leslie is renowned for his breathtaking work on spaces, architecture and landscape. In this campaign, Munster challenges himself in Leslie's forte of documenting spaces, where he will be exposed to the uncontrollable conditions of nature, as opposed to the finely-tuned studio environments which he is accustomed to, while Leslie challenges his limits by taking on Munster's forte; portraiture - something completely out of his comfort zone. 

See how these veterans photographers bring us through their visual journey as they step out of their comfort zones attempting opposing styles. Their works have hit many firsts for themselves and Leica Galerie Singapore, so don't miss out!

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Singapore Street Life

23.07.21 - 25.08.21 | Chris Wilson | Leica Marina Bay Sands 

Singapore has a wide diversity of culture and art. There are pockets of Singapore which offer an eclectic mix of people, styles and beauty, which can be surprising and very unique. I spent some time wandering around Haji Lane, and was delighted by the buzz and the people running small businesses, from a boxing gym to a Marvel model shop, and a flower pot shop using manakins. Buildings are adorned with creative graffiti, and everywhere you look there is something which catches the eye. Gardens by the Bay offers unusual sculptures and innovative buildings. I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!

The photos exhibited at Leica Marina Bay Sands were taken with the Leica Q2 Monochrom, with no colour filters to distract from the purity of B&W photography. All photos can be purchased through Leica, and all funds will go to Water and Healthcare Foundation (WAH) in Cambodia, to help improve the lives and conditions of rural communities, through delivery of clean water, medical training and cataract missions. Find out more about WAH here

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