Leica Akademie Singapore

Leica Akademie Singapore

Be a part of the Leica culture

The Leica Akademie stands for creative and sophisticated photography. The high quality standards and the art of photography are the driving forces behind our actions.

Let yourself be inspired by new ways of vision and perception through our ambitious photographers. Create your perfect picture with our renowned photographers - whether in the creative workshops or on our exclusive travels. Would you like to experience the fascination of the Leica products? Welcome to the Leica Akademie.


History of the Leica Akademie in Germany

For over a hundred years, photographers have been using Leica cameras to capture special moments all over the world. Some of these remain timeless artefacts.

The Leica Akademie’s origins hark back to the year 1930, when the “Lehr-Atelier Wetzlar” teaching studio became the basis for training courses at the Leitz factory in Wetzlar. Two darkrooms and a daylight room quickly became insufficient for demand. When the “Leica Schule” was then founded in 1938, it was given an entire floor of the building.

The Leica Akademie has undertaken successful international expansion over the last decade to meet growing demand from abroad.


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