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Have you ever been pushed to your limits? Leica Camera Singapore presents "Challenge The Limits" local campaign that embraces diversity, arts and culture. In a first-ever campaign that sees six local renowned photographers coming together to take on a completely different genre of photography, “Challenge The Limits’’ is all about the perseverance and grit of the photographers as they challenge themselves out of their comfort zone. It is also a portrayal of the belief of the human spirit and how far one can potentially go. Comfort can equally be assuring and yet it can also trap people in the same perspective. For this campaign, the photographers train their seasoned lenses onto unfamiliar territory as they embrace each other’s area of...

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#ChallengeTheLimits - The Soul Needs More Space Than The Body

Munster and Leslie are passionate about revealing their point of view. Over the years, they’ve developed their own obsessive and sensitive language of looking, each capturing very different aspects of life. For this project, they train their seasoned lens onto unfamiliar terrain, approaching each other’s area of mastery. They dedicated two months learning about each others’ practices through conversation and through the camera. Enquiring, exploring, attempting to uncover unexamined angles of emotion. Comfort can trap us in the same view; this exchange encourages a reconnection of being to surroundings, gaze to inner life. Boundaries become parentheses and a foundation finds new form.

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