Leica M10-R Portrait Set

Leica M10-R Portrait Set

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This set contains:

  • Leica M10-R, Black Chrome Finish
  • Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH., Black
  • M10 Leather Protector
  • Leica M10 Display Protection Foil (PU 5)
  • Sandisk 16GB SD card

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The Leica M10-R opens up new dimensions of image quality with its high resolution of over 40 megapixels. The image sensor captures even the smallest details, so photographers can dive deeper into every scene. Defying conventional wisdom, where increased resolution means sacrificing low-light performance, the M10-R boasts a much higher megapixel count over its 24 megapixel M10 brethren while also delivering lower levels of noise – ensuring it can be used in any and all environments for a wide range of photographic disciplines.

Leica M10-R Leica M10-P

Sensor 40.89 MP CMOS 24 MP CMOS
Touchscreen LCD Yes Yes
Leica "Red Dot" Logo Yes, on front of camera No
Extra-Silent Shutter Yes Yes
Weight 660 grams 680 grams
Exposure Time 16 min - 1/4000s 4 min - 1/4000s
Level Gauge Yes Yes
Buffer Memory 2GB / ~10 DNG Images 2GB / ~22 DNG Images