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Leica M Ambassador

A Leica Ambassador, Editor, Author and Photographer based in Singapore, with close to 20 years of experience in the media industry, Adele is currently the Editor-In-Chief of NYLON SINGAPORE, and has also written, photographed and published three books, Editing Beauty I, II and III. She gained international recognition with a number of her works tagged as the Leica Master Shot by the Leica Fotografie International Gallery. 

"The M is the way cameras should be - back to basics. The fully manual controls force you to think of the composition and the right settings for your shot, and when you achieve that picture you envisioned, for a photographer, there's no better feeling in the world."


Leica Q2 Ambassador

"Point, Shoot and Repeat."

AikBeng Chia's photography captures moments rich in subtlety and textures. The longer a viewer spends with these images, the more layers unfold. Aik Beng has documented overlooked scenes in everyday Singapore lifeand wherever he travels.

Author of Tonight the Streets are Ours (2013), a monograph on Singapore’s Little India district after dusk, SingKarPor (2015) and self published zines (2010 - ongoing). He has also been a collaborator with brands like Apple, Leica, Fujifilm, Singapore Tourism Board and The Guardian. His works have been exhibited and published internationally.

Bobby Kiran Yeo


Leica SL2-S Ambassador

Eleven years ago, Bobby Kiran Yeo discovered a passion for wedding photography. Today he covered a number of celebrities’ weddings and is among the most noteworthy representatives in Singapore of this genre.

The friendly young photographer and his Leica SL2-S regularly travel to distant lands, searching for special locations with a romantic flair. There he captures the unique light and atmosphere to find the perfect setting for his wedding photography.

"Sometimes in order to experience the magic of scenery, the magic of the couple’s bond or the magic of the moment, I put down my camera and take it all in. That silent moment then takes over and helps me create the perfect shot."

Whether Florence, beating at the heart of Tuscany, the picturesque villages dotted along the steep cliffs of the Riviera, or Venice, the Italian city of canals and lovers; the wedding photographer’s natural and timeless images capture for eternity this unique day in the life of a couple.

Shot by Bobby Kiran Yeo with SL2-S
Shot by Bobby Kiran Yeo with SL2-S
Shot by Bobby Kiran Yeo with SL2-S

He believes in unveiling intricate emotions, capturing candid smiles and evoking an all-round, memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Lots of couples, friends and families have come knocking on his door, looking for him to help celebrate momentous occasions or to simply document everyday moments they never want to forget.

Shot by Bobby Kiran Yeo with SL2-S


Leica SL2 Ambassador

Hosanna is a Creative Director based in Singapore. Photography, to her, is second nature, and has always been an integral part of her life. She seeks beauty in the mundane, approaching her subjects with authenticity and simplicity. Her photography captures moments rich in subtlety and textures. These elements, have in one way or another, influenced the way she perceives things, and the type of photographs she take. She had held 2 exhibitions at the Leica Galerie Singapore, with the most recent Challenge The Limits - (Dis)Parity of Light together with AikBeng Chia, fellow Leica Ambassador and veteran photographer.

Shot by Leica SL2 Ambassador, Hosanna
Shot by Leica SL2 Ambassador, Hosanna

"As an urban photographer who is highly intuitive and impulsive, I appreciate advancements which streamline my photography process. With its customisable interface, the SL2 is a great asset for me, doing away the unnecessary distractions and taking me closer to my subject. With this camera,  I witness more potential in my environment, more beauty that could easily have gone unnoticed."

Shot by Leica SL2 Ambassador, Hosanna


Leica SL2-S Ambassador

"A picture speaks a thousand words, however I believe videos are able to tell a story that no words can describe."

As the founder of Freyafilms, Jialiang has collectively over 12 years of experience in weddings and pre-wedding Cinematography. As a seasoned traveler, he has filmed pre-weddings in locations such as Hokkaido, Venice, Paris, Switzerland and Iceland. Defying conventions, Jialiang has filmed weddings in unique locations such as a castle in Florence, Italy and even Blenheim Palace,a UNESCO world heritage site in London. With a true passion for the art of cinematography, he holds a belief in capturing emotions with motion. Through the use of Cinéma vérité coupled with the mastery of Leica SL system, Jialiang is able to document intimate moments with natural emotions.

Jia Liang Portrait with SL2-S


Leica SL2 Ambassador & Instructor

KC is a self-taught Singaporean Photographer, with over 15 years of experience. He spent his formative years in Singapore and was trained in Electronics Computer Engineering before embarking on his first career as Radar Specialist with The Republic of Singapore Air Force.

KC remembered vividly, the moment when he knew what he truly wanted to do - it was the close of an ordinary work day when he caught the sun setting against the background of fighter jets, and he has been chasing light and shadows since he launched his full-time commercial photography career in 2003, and strives in his work to portray the juxtaposition of light, shadows, geometry and time.

He is fascinated with observing people, expressions, moods, atmosphere, and places - and to capture these moments in time. 

KC's training in engineering has helped him hone and master in-depth knowledge of his equipment and imaging tools for his craft - to provide an unusual perspective through the use of specialised techniques to evoke a feeling, bring back a memory, relive a moment in time, and tell a story.

He enjoys wandering the streets of Singapore, and traveling to understand and find inspiration in other countries for his photography, as evident in his eclectic portfolio of work which includes fine arts, commercial, travel/ street and fashion.

KC has been a Leica Ambassador Asia Pacific in 2016. His work has been showcased in various local, regional and international exhibitions, commercial projects and print media, including the esteemed "inFashion" of Leica Fotografie International.

"Photography is emancipation from this chaotic world of madness. This freedom is but a panacea which allows myself to immortalize (shape and even reshape) the moment. I watched, listened, transpose, and yet never fully understand what's there. That said, what I captured is what I perceived in that moment. It is never meant to be studied. It is just a relief for me, taking a breath of fresh air and freeze a moment in life's passage of time. Hopefully photography could be a elixir for someone else too."

Munster cheong

Leica SL2 Ambassador

Munster is obsessed with the power of the visual language. He believes it has a profound influence to life and that of its symbolism, mood, emotional energy, elements, and tone can expand life by way of creating new realities and experiences for the viewer.

As a visual artist, he feels that he has major responsibilities and is always in a state of transition and self reflection, elusive from his commercial practice. The primary purpose of the visual arts is to help people not only get to know and understand something with their minds but also opening up their perceptions to the unfamiliar. Sometimes we are not able to see ourselves for who or what we really are, because we get stuck in our ways of thinking, or we often may become disillusioned. The impact of visual art often materialises in the subconscious; the audience consumes the work which provokes an innate response thus intrinsically resonating with the artist emotionally. 

"My obsession with the power of visual language, and influence of human perception begins with the SL2."

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