Leica Q2 "Dawn" by Seal Limited Edition

“You became the light on the dark side of me”

The limited, special edition Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal pays tribute to the soulful lyrics of the artist’s songs. The special edition camera set celebrates the human connec-tion in the art of making a photograph, shining light on the subjects of a frame – while the artist visualizes new perspectives behind the lens. The exquisite, Japanese woven fabric covering of the Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal, is crafted to ensure each of the 500 cameras in the edition are distinctly unique.

“Storytelling is photography in one sentence.” 

- Seal

Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal – each signature camera is one of a kind

It is the elegant cover fabric that makes each Q2 “Dawn” by Seal unique. The particular mood during morning twilight, the interplay of dark and light, is captured in the mysterious, iridescent material. The Japanese term “komorebi” inspired the fabric, describing the transparency and light play, which occurs when sunbeams fall through the tree canopy. Time and time again, the impression created by the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal's shimmering cover surprises and lends the camera its incomparable character. Limited to 500 units, each special edition camera is a one of a kind.

Q2 Seal Design

The set – a homage to the moment 

Seal photographs with fast lenses in natural lighting conditions. In tune with his music, his pictures evoke emotions, shining light on the beauty and humanity of the moment – aligning with the aesthetic philosophy of the limited edition set. 

In addition to the exclusive scarf designed by Annina Roescheisen and featuring Seal's song lyrics, a rope strap completes the set. The elegant strap is also adorned with the hand-written line “You became the light on the dark side of me”, from the song Kiss from a Rose. Seal was honored with three Grammy Awards for the song in 1996; furthermore it reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in the USA. In addition to the iridescent fabric produced by the traditional Japanese brand Hosoo, the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal features a black Leica logo, Seal's signature engraved on the display glass, and an edition number from 001 to 500.

The scarf – wearable passion for music 

The fashionable accessory and wearable statement complementing the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal, is an exclusive scarf designed by multimedia artist Annina Roescheisen. She interprets Seal's message with lines from his song lyrics, written in gold elements on a black background. Her artistic application of the lyrics “You became the light on the dark side of me” from the song Kiss from a Rose, and other handwritten lines from Seal's inexhaustible repertoire, make this item of clothing the epitome of an attitude to life that is characterized by music, emotion and passion. Known as a brand that stands for traditionally-manufactured, top-quality clothing, and hand-crafted expertise with a love of detail, it is the New York fashion label, rag & bone that produced the exclusive scarf.

Seal and Ben Staley – Leica fans and friends

Ben Staley and Seal both share a love for Leica photography. The pictures taken by the film director and cinematographer Ben Staley tell sensitive and intense stories. They deal with experiences that get under the skin: the encounter with Seal and the Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal continues this artistic exploration. Find out about the pro-duction of the breathtaking video for the special limited edition, why the two exceptional artists met, and how the fantastic result came about, in the Leica blog.

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"I live for moments captured knowing it will never happen again in the future. With an intuitive touch screen focus on SL2-S, I am able to pin point the subject without having to worry there's a chance of subject being out of focus."

Jeryl Tan, Leica Guild Member

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Munster Cheong, Leica SL2 Ambassador

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