6 Leica Storytellers. 6 Countries. Explore Asia with Leica!

In a first-of-its-kind virtual photowalk, six prominent Asian photographers invited photography lovers to travel through their images and discover stories of heritage, culture, history and more.

The activity commenced from 30 July with Singapore first, followed by India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Each day a new photographer would do a takeover of all the Leica Asia social media handles.

1. Hosanna swee (@hforhozzie)

Meet Hosanna Swee from Singapore, our first host on this virtual photowalk for Asia. "Architecture often opens a window into a country’s heritage and soul. It magnificently captures the spirit of a time, whether from a colonnade or contoured glass. In Singapore, any glancing shot of the skyline will unravel her colonial past and “biophilic city” ambitions in equal measure. You’ll find a nation who honours her ancestry whilst carrying an optimism for the path ahead, like a lighthouse at nightfall. Perhaps such bright-eyed wonder is something we need now more than ever."

Images shot on Leica SL2.

2. Vineet Vohra (@vineet_vohra)

Moving along the route of #ExploreWithLeica, we travel from Singapore to India. Join our second host Vineet. "To me street photography is a journey and I travel everyday, I am learning and unlearning everyday, I thrive to improve everyday. Life in general... is so unexpected, I try to be as honest through my lens as I can. I try to synthesize between human elements and the environment & my main focus is how to make ordinary moments look extraordinary." 

Images shot on Leica M10.

3. Ruben (@rhapsodyroe)

The thrilling journey of #ExploreWithLeica continues as we go from India to Indonesia. Meet our third host Ruben as he uncovers a fascinating phenonomenon indigenious to Indonesia.

Images shot on Leica Q.

4. Kieron Long (@kieronlong72)

As #ExploreWithLeica takes its course, we travel from Indonesia to Malaysia. Our host for Kieron Long from Malaysia takes us to Sarawak through his black and white photography. A coastal state in East Malaysia, Sarawak is known for its rugged forests and unique cultural tapestry. Through his candid imagery, Kieron brings out the modest authenticity of this unexplored destination.

5. Peerapat Wimolrungkarat (@addcandid) 

Further along this virtual photowalk of Asia, we travel from Malaysia to Thaliand (@leicacamerathailand) to join our host Peerapat Wimolrungkarat to explore the picturesque city of Bangkok. On this stop of #ExploreWithLeica, we will get to admire the sights and sounds of the capital city of Thailand and further upcountry.

6. Patrick Uy (@patrickuy1) 

For the final part of the #ExploreWithLeica series, we join Patrick Uy (@patrickuy1) and discover the charming country of Philippines. Patrick gives us a glimpse of Iloilo, the heart of Philippines. Home to historical landmarks, pristine beaches and islands, heritage homes and unique cuisine, this city is a cultural hub waiting to be explored.

All images were made with Leica Cameras. 

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